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The Infant's Heart

The Christian has as his perennial vocation the call to become the person of Christ, a call that does not cease simply because Christ has yet to be born. We have as much to learn from our unborn Savior as we do from our crucified Lord.

In her marvelous book, The Reed of God, Caryll Houselander remarks, “The psalmist had hymned Christ’s coming on harps of gold. The prophets had foretold it with burning tongues. But now the loudest telling of his presence on earth was to be the heartbeat within, the heartbeat of a child.” As Advent draws to a close, I invite you to spend a moment meditating upon the heartbeat of the Infant Jesus within the womb of the young Virgin Mary and discover what it means to become like Christ at this time in His life. Let us ask the Holy Spirit to give us the grace to hear Christ’s heart as we quiet ourselves and intently focus on the life within the womb of Mary.

In this season of stillness, the Logos too sits in silence; the Word of God holds His breath; the infant, not yet walking, has only Mary as His ark. Let Mary surround you with herself at this moment. Enter into the darkness and warmth of the womb. Take on the Infant’s heartbeat, thumping with anticipation of the joy of Christmas day, and experience the silence of the womb. Let the chaotic sounds of the world become muffled as Mary enfolds you in her loving care. The only noise we ought to hear is the steady beating of the Infant’s Heart.

At this moment in time, God asks us to rest as He rests. He simply waits. The Divine Nature revels in the stillness of the womb of Mary. He asks us to set aside any worries we may have about the past year or the year ahead and take heart that Jesus’s Heart continues to beat. His Heart beats now as it did in the womb of

Mary and as it will continue to beat for all eternity. When you become overwhelmed at any time in this Christmas season, take a moment to pause, to close your eyes, and to listen intently for the beating of His Heart.

I wish all of Catholic Society, past, present, and future, a very merry Christmas.

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