Theology of the Body

When God-Yahweh said, “It is not good that man should be alone,” (Gen. 2:18) He affirmed that “alone,” man does not completely realize [his] essence. He realizes it only by existing “with someone”—and even more deeply and completely—by existing “for someone.” (John Paul II)

Fall 2021

The Theology of the Body kickoff meeting will be Sunday Sept. 8th at 7:00 PM! The regular meeting time for the group is Monday nights at 7:00 PM.

The Theology of the Body small group will be an opportunity to learn about and express the truths surrounding human dignity and sexuality found in John Paul II’s writings. First semester, a co-ed group will discuss Theology of the Body with the goal of crafting a unique, ecumenical seminar.

Seminar Saturday Nov. 20 Schedule:

9AM Coffee and donuts catered by Penny's - Basement of Lane

10AM Incorporating Responsible Love by Fr. Patrick Wainwright - Lane 125

11AM Breakout Presentations:

Masculinity and Femininity in Art by Lucy Fernandes and Tomek Ignatik - Lane 231

Love and Freedom, ft. Bruce Springsteen by Ryan Burbage - Lane 235A

Aquinas on the Effects of Pornography by Andrew Wiegand - Lane 236

Self-Love vs. Self-Indulgence by Emily O'Gara - Lane 235B


1PM Men's and Women's Impact Sessions:

Francesca, Beatrice, and the Promise of Christian Marriage by Dr. Anna Vincenzi - Lane125

Terror of Demons: St. Joseph, JPII, & 21st Century Catholic Masculinity by Nicholas Callaghan- Lane 124

2PM Relationships in Light of Love and Responsibility - A Panel featuring Dr. and Mrs. Dwight Lindley, Dr. and Mrs. David Whalen, Mrs. Kathryn Wales, Jerod and Alexandra Lauby - Lane 125